Assistance for Members: May Skip-A-Pay Available

Infuze Credit Union understands the financial strain the Coronavirus pandemic is causing, which is why we are allowing members to skip their payment for the month of May on select consumer loans. If you are interested in skipping your payment(s) for May, you will need to contact us. Payments will not be skipped unless you make arrangements to do so. We are just people helping people and hope this helps ease the burden for our members.

What Payments Can You Skip?

  • Auto & Personal Loan payments
    • Please contact our Member Support Center at 573.329.3151.
  • Credit Card payments
  • Mortgage and HELOC Skip-A-Payment options available
    • You can request an extension up to 90 days to suspend your payments. Please contact the Loan Servicing Department at 800.221.4299 or email
  • Business loans will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis

If you would like to skip your May loan payments, please contact us or click below to apply. There is no fee to skip your May payment. 




1Deferment of this payment will extend the life of your loan(s) and may cause an increase in the final payment amount and that interest will continue to accrue on your loan balance throughout the deferred payment period. Electing to defer payments may impact all loans that have GAP protection purchased from Infuze Credit Union, in that they are limited to one (1) Skip-a-Payment per year up to a maximum of two (2) over the life of the loan. If your GAP was purchased from another source, review the terms before using a Skip-A-Pay. The Skip-A-Pay program excludes Real Estate including Home Equity Lines of Credit, and Business Loans. Notice: If you have recently received a new loan you WILL NOT be able to skip your first payment. Your Loan(s) must be in good standing (no delinquencies and payments must be current) to qualify for this offer. I understand that Infuze Credit Union reserves the right to deny this offer for any reason. If you experience a total loss or unrecovered theft of your vehicle and have purchased GAP coverage, a skip-a-pay may reduce your GAP coverage by the amount of your monthly payment plus the skip-a-pay fee. If your GAP was purchased from another source, review the terms before using a Skip-A-Pay. Federally Insured by NCUA.