Infuze Credit Union Proudly Partners with TruStage

For more than 80 years TruStage has helped hard-working Americans succeed. People-first service remains the core of their culture. That’s why Infuze Credit Union proudly partners with TruStage to offer term life insurance and auto insurance for our valued members.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance could be an affordable way to help protect your family from the loss of your income if you were to die unexpectedly. Rest assured that there will be no medical exam or intrusive test and no waiting with our term life insurance. If approved, you’re covered when your first payment processes and it will be income-tax free money for your beneficiaries.

With TruStage, if you are approved and as long as you make your payments, no one can cancel your policy but you—even if you develop cancer or other serious health conditions.

Visit to apply online or to compare insurance rates.

Auto Insurance

With all the options for car insurance, you may wonder if you are getting the best deal. At Infuze Credit Union, we understand the process can be daunting which is why we offer auto insurance through TruStage. You may qualify for special discounts on car insurance just for being an Infuze Credit Union member.  

Visit to get quotes and to see potential discounts.

TruStage offers an array of insurance products that our members can take advantage of:

  • Life: Start with your budget and see what coverage makes sense. Any amount of coverage can make a difference.
  • Auto: Drive with confidence because when you’re a credit union member, you may qualify for special discounts on car insurance.  
  • Property: Help safeguard your home—and everything in it—with coverage underwritten by nationally recognized companies.
  • Health: Finding the right health insurance can be easy. Compare plans from multiple carriers, see quotes and get free expert advice.
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Let us help you navigate your options! If you have questions or would like to confirm which product is best for you and your family, call 573.329.3151 or email