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Bill Pay

Bill Pay Made Easy

The Infuze CU Online Bill Pay Service available in online and mobile banking is a convenient way to pay bills. Make payments with just the touch of a button - pay any bill from your car insurance to your babysitter.

  • It's easy. Setting up and paying bills online is simple & fast. Funds come directly from your checking account.
  • It saves you postage. Save over $50 a year if you pay 10 bills a month.
  • Use it as often as you like. There’s no limit on the number of bills you pay for free.
  • It's convenient. Choose payment frequency options: one-time, monthly, weekly, quarterly, and more.
  • It’s safe. Paying bills online is safer than mailing personal checks.
Bill Payments are made to pay your bills in one of three ways:
  1. Electronic payments to merchants on the electronic network
  2. Paper payments drawn off your account to merchants who do not yet accept electronic payments
  3. Payments to individuals will be sent by draft check drawn off your checking account

Sign up for Bill Pay today!
Start by enrolling in online banking. Then, once enrolled & logged on to online banking, visit the "Pay & Transfer" tab to sign up for Bill Pay.

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