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You can reach us at:

Telephone Member Support Center:
 or 800.244.6628
Representatives are available Monday – Thursday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Friday, 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM, and Saturday, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM.


(573) 329-3917

STAR Phone: 
(800) 767-3928

PO Box 80
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

Routing Number: 

Holiday Closings

Infuze Credit Union will be closed for business on the following 2022 holidays:

Holiday Date
Observance of New Year's Day January 1
Closing at Noon January 15
Observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 17
Closing at Noon February 19
Observance of Presidents' Day February 21
Closing at Noon May 28
Observance of Memorial Day May 30
Closing at Noon June 18
Observance of Juneteenth June 20
Closing at Noon July 2
Observance of Independence Day July 4
Closing at Noon September 3
Observance of Labor Day September 5
Closing at Noon October 8
Observance of Columbus Day October 10
Observance of Veterans Day November 11
Thanksgiving November 24
Christmas Eve December 24
Observance of Christmas  December 26
New Year's Eve December 31
Observance of New Year's Day January 2, 2023


Wire Transfer Instructions

Routing Number: 281580679

Wire Instructions:

INITIAL CREDIT: Millennium Corporate Credit Union, Wichita, KS - RT #301180111
FURTHER CREDIT: Infuze Credit Union, Fort Leonard Wood, MO - RT #281580679
FINAL CREDIT: Member's name and account number

A $20 fee is applied for outgoing domestic wires. Contact the receiving financial institutions to request their wire instructions.
Must include the following:
Receiving financial institution's name.
Receiving financial institution's address and telephone number.
Receiving financial institution's nine digit routing or ABA number.
Name, address, and account number of receiving party.

Outgoing International Wires:
An $85 fee is applied for outgoing international wires.
To send and outgoing international wire, please contact us for additional information. Currency conversions may also apply and must be discussed with Infuze Credit Union.

Wire Transfer Agreement:
The Wire Transfer Agreement (WTA) is a one-time requirement. Once we have the agreement in place, you can be confident that all subsequent wire transfers will be secure. You can find the WTA at any of our branch locations, websites, or we can send it by mail, to the account address on file. You may return the WTA in person at a branch, or send it back via mail, email, or fax (if sent via email or fax, we must have the original within 15 days of emailing/faxing it).
Click here to download the WTA form.

Card Services Phone Numbers

Debit Card:

24/7 Member Service: (800) 547-2328

Activation and PIN Management: (800) 290-7893
Outside of the US: (206) 624-7998

Lost / Stolen: (888) 297-3416

Credit Card:

24/7 Assistance: (800) 244-6628

PIN Selection: (888) 886-0083

Activation: (800) 631-3197

Lost / Stolen: (800) 449-7728

CU Rewards: (800) 637-7728

Payment Address:
PO Box 660493
Dallas, TX 75266-0493


If you are planning to travel outside of your local area, please call us at (800) 244-6628. Informing us of travel plans will help ensure that your card does not get blocked for suspicious activity.

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