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Make a Payment

Make a Payment

We’re making things easier! Make a payment to your Infuze Credit Union loans from any external account; as easy as a text message or online, through our website or online and mobile banking.

Message Pay

What you should know:
You will receive a text message informing you of the amount due on your loan. You will be able to review your payment options, or you will be able to opt-out of our text message service by texting “STOP”. The link will take you to a portal where you will be asked to verify your account with your account number and date of birth.

account setup for text banking

When you verify your account for the first time, you will have to set up the following:

  • 4 digit pin: once you have entered your account number and date of birth, it will prompt you to create a 4 digit pin. Store this information in a secure place as you will need this pin number to verify future payments.
  • Preferred method of payment: to make a payment you will have to add your preferred form of payment in the portal. You can do this by selecting ADD NEW DEBIT CARD or ADD NEW BANK ACCOUNT, which will prompt a secure website for you to input your information. If done correctly, there will be a message stating ‘Payment Method Success’, and you will be redirected to the payment portal.

Once your account has been successfully verified, you will be directed to the payment portal where you can see your loan informations and select your preferred payment method.

Member Benefits:
  • The transaction fee is only $4.99
  • Encrypted information guarantees your information is secure
  • Convenient ways to pay from an external account: text, website, online/mobile banking
  • Payments accepted from checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards

Payment Center

What you should know:
Payment Center offers an easy, fast way to pay your credit union loan(s) online, through a safe and easy-to-use link. Just like online banking where you can pay bills, Payment Center allows you to make your loan payment from almost any financial institution that you bank with. Be sure to have the correct account number from both your Infuze Credit Union account and your other financial institution. Please note: There is a $10.00 fee for this service.

Once you are registered, follow the steps to make your Infuze Credit Union loan payments online, from your other financial institution.

Questions regarding our payment center? Contact us at electronicpmts@infuzecu.org
Can I make a payment on my loans through my online and mobile banking account?
Log in to your online and mobile account using your smartphone, tablet or desktop and select ‘Make a Payment’ from the menu bar located on the left. This will take you to the payment portal where you will have to verify your account.

If I opt out of receiving text messages will I still be able to pay my loans online?
Yes, you will have to access the payment portal through our website or online and mobile banking. However, you will not receive any text notifications regarding payment reminders and will not be able to make a payment via text message.

How can I pay my account via text message?
Once you receive a text reminder, you respond “Pay” to the same text. You will be asked to enter your pin to verify your account, once you have completed this process your payment will be complete and you should receive a confirmation text. NOTE: you will have to setup a 4 digit pin and preferred method of payment prior to using text payments.

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