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Need to Know

Important information for our Infuze Credit Union Members.

We have adopted an Arbitration of Claims and Disputes provision. This provision provides clarity as to how legal disputes between the credit union and its members shall be resolved. The provision protects our member-owners and the Credit Union through the parties working together to resolve disputes. If you do not opt-out of this provision, the continued use of your credit union account will act as your consent to this new provision. Instructions on how to opt-out are included in the provision.
To view Infuze Credit Union’s Truth In Savings Disclosure, please log in to Online Banking.
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Name ID Number
Allen, Diana 571418
Allen, Esther 509515
Booth, Katie 2183734
Boylan, Steve 490285
Caldwell, Rob 2436421
Connell, Dalton 2077802
Cook, Krystal 2412886
Hartman, Andrea 2355503
Holden, Kristen 2191609
Houf, Kaylee 1872496
Insall, Rose Marie 1480748
Kavanaugh, Karyn 2181517
Leboeuf, Lori 1502804
Lewis, Lisa 2226416
Lister, Alexius 2124436
Lucas, Stephany 1461102
Miller, Nichole 1594206
Mullican, Tyler 1823113
Oliver, Sara 1803917
Sallee, Kara 2228906
Sansom, Leslie 1823755
Silk, Jennifer 1803862
Slone, Michelle 1155668
Smith, Marriah 2459297
Tomnitz, Jennifer 1890346
Vessels, Haley 1968892
Wagganer, David 1552471
West, Lucinda 1826660
Wheatley, Cristin 1803772
Wheelock, Shelby  1804429
Wilson, Tyler 2480183
Yoakum, Matthew 2347452

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