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Line of Credit for Businesses

Infuze Business Line Of Credit

At Infuze Credit Union, we understand that your business has needs that have to be met. We pride ourselves on providing long-term dedicated service that will set you up for success.

Not only will you receive a specialized advisor, Nichole Miller, but you will also have access to the latest tools and offerings. Partnering with Infuze Credit Union will alleviate the worry about handling the backend processes so you can handle your most valuable asset, your customer.

If you are looking for an option that gives you more flexibility with your flow of finances, Infuze Credit Union offers a line of credit for businesses. This offering gives you the ability to make quick decisions that impact your long-term growth and allows room to fund any expansion efforts in the works.

Our competitive edge with friendly member service makes the process easy and efficient for everyone involved.

  • Secured and unsecured options
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Only pay interest on the funds you use
  • Apply once and make draws as needed

Make the dream home possible

Infuze Credit Union can make your dream home a reality. We handle everything from start to finish to ensure the process is fast, effective, and convenient.

  • Loan Options: Learn which one is best for you
  • Mortgage Rates: Get the latest rates and terms/
  • Mortgage Login: Manage your mortgage
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