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Business Term Loans

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At Infuze Credit Union, we understand that your business has needs that have to be met. We pride ourselves on providing long-term dedicated service that will set you up for success.

Not only will you receive a specialized advisor, Nichole Miller, but you will also have access to the latest tools and offerings. Partnering with Infuze Credit Union will alleviate the worry about handling the backend processes so you can handle your most valuable asset, your customer.

There are times running a business where you may need to purchase equipment for optimal operation, or the need may arise to buy new equipment to expand capabilities. Whether it is commercial-grade appliances, a standard or specialized vehicle, or simply purchasing additional items to take the business in a new direction, we can help you find a competitive rate and term.  
  • Commercial Auto
  • Equipment
  • Various terms available
  • Pre-approval available

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